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Give a boy a book

and he'll be hooked

for life

his whole world

shifts dramatically

suddenly there are words

that he can relate to

books enter his life

to become best friends

every book an adventure

one page leads to the next

curiosity flourishes

one book just the start

of a romance with words

knowledge becomes the gift

laid before his very eyes

he turns each page with hunger

he learns he is not alone.



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Don Matthews

Sat 22nd Dec 2018 03:37

Give this poet an idea
And he'll be hooked for life
Rhyming words of wisdom
Rhyming words of strife

Every idea's an adventure
Each one leads to next
Curiosity in him flourishes
Boundaries get stretched

Romancing words (it comforts him)
He looks upon his screen
Discovers there are other
Poets just as keen

(one idea leads to the next....)

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