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raypool on Report (Wed, 6 Sep 2017 04:44 pm)

House of Fun

Parliament’s back from its jollies,                                             

And the Speakers are back in their chair.                                 

How grand it would be sans comedians                                                

With their japes and their pranks! I despair!                             


I’ll be home watching BBC Parliament live                          ...

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Once upon all time,

In a land not far far away,

Lords and Ladies,

East and West,

North and South,

Taught to succeed

In the name of their Gods,


By the fat of the land,


By constant streams

Of paters and maters;

Constant streams

Of daughters and sons,

North and South;

Taught to obey

By master and God.

Mules in human form,


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Brexit TV

Parliament’s off on its jollies,

The Speaker removed from his chair.

Oh how I will miss these comedians

But their break’s far too short, so beware.


So what will I do with no Brexit TV?

No Commoners standing to bleat.

Will BBC Parliament go off the air,

Or fill my spare time with repeats?


I wish I could say that I’m better informed

By listening in to the House.


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Definition - Confused


As a child,

I belonged.

Part of a simply defined community,

in a world I understood

but comprehend no more.


I’m told life moves on,

but somehow I’m left behind.

I no longer see the picture

or know how to play the game.


Some say I’m a dinosaur.

Others? A threatened minority.

‘White, male, heterosexual, atheist, pensioner’

A potential self-classifyi...

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Our town was well ordered, we knew where we stood

We knew what was bad, and were told what was good

The Baddies wore black, and we Goodies wore white

Never a doubt as to who’d win the fight


The Clergy were pristine; whilst Doctors were Gods!

Our Bobbies were BOBBIES, not ‘FiveO’ or ‘plod’

Whilst bosses in banks saw themselves as elite,

(Not deigning to deal with the man i...

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My old school reports I’d thought buried away

Have been found at the back of a drawer

Reading the comments my teachers had left

Have shaken me right to the core


So many terms, and all uninspiring,

“Could do much better” or “can’t quite engage.”

A stockpile of phrases adapted to suit.

With vitriol etched on each page.


There was rarely a glowing appraisal

More co...

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