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She tastes love lips

But he was no angel 

In a world filled with mayhem

She seeks he who is stable 


Foundations that maintain

Love that withstands

Friendship is of the essence

Loyalty that is infinite


Wondering souls unite

Ties begin to merge

Bonds bound to the will of spirits

True intimacy is experience


He tastes loves lips

But she wasn’t pure

In a world filled with suitors

He seeks she who has learned 


Lessons build character

Patience is TAUGHT

Inner beauty is rare 

Love is trial & error 


With the face of an angel 

A mind that is dual

A heart that is vulnerable 

Experience has shaped her


We taste loves lips

United we stand 

Bells chiming 

I gave love a chance


Fantasies are illusional peace

Let go and let God

Damage is done to the one who holds on

Sit back. BREATHE 


As Above, So Below 

As Within, So without 

Manifestations are high

Proceed without doubt 


Opening gates

Exploring Minds


Can you pass the test of time ?


-Coincidences don’t exist

Excerpts from the mindtwin flamelesson in life

◄ Unrequited


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