The Kiss of Death

The Kiss of Death I place on the left side of your chest. 

Directly over your heart, with each beat it falls apart. 

The touch of my lips softly against your skin reminds me of a time I want to relive again. 

The smell of my perfume consumes and destroys all the people my demon deploys. 

One last touch to damn your rut, a feeling of depravity grabbing your mouth shut. 

The Kiss of Death I place on your right side cheek, where the Judas’s damned humanity- it’s happening as we speak. 

I’m destructive and raging, like a fire I’m caging. 

The sole survivor of my pain, your immunity to my flames tells me you’re unashamed-

The Kiss of Death I place on you remains unmoved and untouched, 

The only ones who stayed alive replied “this is more than just luck. “

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