Casino dreams

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 Casino dreams
Maybe today Ill see the reason why
 I sit at this machine hoping to be amused
 like free spins will pay out
 and only to lose
I swear this casino 
has only brought me to the deep end
So quick to say fuck it,
and what i would have never pursed
why cant i just refuse?
My mind is too gone, its all been consumed
Broken, bitter and used 
Sell us dreams, 
and we sell you anything that had meaning
I gave all I love away to drugs and this treason
 Everyday I hope to win big
  and leave with out a single fuck to give
Dreamcatching decievers 
 They'll make you believers 
They are worse than a addict fiening, 
more money more hunger, 
more reason 
Like money was never of devilish works
Building fake inviting castles
 so high so everyone can see them in sights view
 all there lights so bright 
and gleaming and new!
but with no happy ending, who knew?
But keep us reiled in for every once 
in awhile it will pay out
 like they bring truth
Did you forget about those 362 days 
you left bitter and overwhelming gloom?
And they are so good 
at false reasoning for recruit
and bring us to the depths of hell
 for there muse
This place is the root of all evil
devil was once god's closests angel 
once mighty and true
For casinos are hilter 
and were just a like pasts blinded jews
 showers are not what lies behind 
Those doors they have brought you through 
they sell you a dream 
 and in trade
 they taketh you






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Jason Bayliss

Sat 19th Jan 2019 12:09

I really like it. Yeah, there are a couple of spelling mistakes but I do that loads too. When words are flowing, you have to keep going.
I would just do a re-read when you've finished but loved the poem!


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Alan Travis Braddock

Fri 4th Jan 2019 12:45

Sounds good read aloud (which hides the spelling misteaks..)(sorry).
I hope the dream wasn't yours, Leah.

Big Sal

Sat 15th Dec 2018 12:04

Great poem and sentiment for this. The castle line shines.

The promise is often more alluring than the journey to obtain the riches from said promise.

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