Wasted Time

You ever sit and think why do I give him my time . One thing I hate is to explain myself to someone my reason for saying explain and not communication . Communication is key and it’s very important its the fact that no one wants to communicate until you already tried and now you don’t care .I’m a hypothetical person something is always on my mind and asking questions as a way to figure out a person to know what’s on their mind ,their motives ,their intentions , how they view the world . Here I am saying I’m not explaining myself why should a woman preferably a black woman have to hide what’s on her mind to be a man’s peace. What about me what about ,how I feel , or what I think ? If a person truly wants you they will try and compromise or stop doing what bothers you or hurts you right ? Hypothetically speaking what if I tell him I want to be with him certain days and another guy other days ? What if he asks me to stop doing it and said it hurts him to his core and the thought is killing him ? Or should someone who respects themselves as a person would want to stop right ?Better yet never do it because the thought of loosing you would crush them ! Why waste someone’s time when deep down you care about the sex . Do you even care what her favorite color is or favorite love song ? Or what she wanted to be when she grew up ? I wonder are there still men who think like that or do we as women have to only be his peace in order to not be single and lonely ? Why can’t I be me and ask questions it’s my time just as much as yours and very precious. Men with babymams ask so much of a woman . I have to go over her house to see my kids . She’s always tripping not letting me see my kids . And sad thing is you believe it because you love him and every part that comes with him . But How would you feel if I asked you to do the same . Hey I’m going to my baby daddies so I won’t be able to answer the phone I’m spending time with my kids . To find out when he has his kids they at his mamas house and he couldn’t even tell you what size they wore but be his peace . Yeah right ! Ppl are so busy trying to be a certain type of person to impress the character they believe you are rather than be them selves . I guess this is why I’m single now . People always want their cake and eat it too . But is it so wrong to have the girl of your dreams and be who you really are isn’t that the definition of getting your cake and eating it too? It’s a lot on the mental . Falling for someone so hard you can’t picture being with anybody else . Every love song makes you think of them and makes you hold onto every word thinking of only you . Real love that you feel with the passionate-kisses the ones that make you get weak in the knees and melt in his hands . The simplest things like when he tucks your hair behind your ear as he looks at you . The kind of love that has you looking up wedding dresses and getting butterflies. Imagining a daughter with my eyes and his smile .Blushing when your name is brought up and smiling at flashbacks. Cooking with your mom on holidays.A love that has you picturing a life with total happiness with fairytale ending .Telling you I love how real you are . It’s cute when your mad. Baby none of these hoes got anything on you . Telling you It would be better if we didn’t live in this small city somewhere else for it to be just us . Making you feel like you know what love actually is ! To find out Drumroll please wasted time . To realize love he had is a lie and he loved the idea of you . He loved how real your were until it showed how fake he was . To see him give your love to another girl . Who is nothing like you . Who doesn’t even respect herself . Or tricks off and has the fat ass. So then you believe it’s me I’m not skinny enough or cute enough or have a fat ass . You start to compare yourself to her to other women and tell yourself I can’t loose him . I’ll stop nagging I’ll be his peace . Saying baby I can change pick me I won’t do it again as if you cheated . Well you did on yourself . Be your own peace . Learn what makes you happy because giving someone else that much power will create a monster a person you don’t like . And all you will end up with is wasted time

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