Then 19

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Enough said
we sulked
and danced
and waited for

holding posters of
dead rock stars
we climbed
the bare stairs.

Some wine
and the best
sounds on tape
and white bulbs
painted red or blue
and grass. Cool.
no chairs,
white walls,

my flat.

More drink
and looking out
of windows
Tom Waits playing
and that  'Moroccan'
from 'Eygypt'
pushing against
each other gently
by the hip
while watching taxis
pass below

we laughed
and peered
out of the
cataract window

Unexpectedly you
stood close, still,
we were strangers
... just

Liverpool was wet
and outside
you held your spliff
and hand
in a way that
Invited comment.....

We choked on the strength
of the smoke
and laughed again
and then we kissed
when we kissed
it was sudden
I did not know-
where it came from-
we kissed
That kiss I venture
I do return to it
(I think you sighed)
god I think you sighed!

I have that tape still.

Words and Image: Tommy Carroll

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Fri 28th Dec 2018 22:24

Really good stuff to read Tommy. Up close and personal and evocative in the best possible way that memory can serve it.


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Douglas MacGowan

Fri 28th Dec 2018 03:51

Great capture of the middle of a relationship.

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