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Mind the Gaps

Mind the gaps.


There are no happy ever afters,

just some gaps between the tears,

with houses packed unto their rafters

in which you can forget your fears

surrounded by those who love you

and perhaps by those that you love too.


I do hope your gaps are many; 

And that your tears are singularly few

for while our tears are two-a-penny

such gaps are quite pricele...

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Before the dawn

entry picture

I will gladly be your beacon,
or equally the hand you hold 
in the moments just before the dawn 
you fear will never come.

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Where Poetry Is Found


It’s in those moments 

That make us smile whilst crying

We find poetry.


It can be found as

The sun leaves behind a sky

Made of candy floss.


It can be found at 

Dawn, beneath the thunder cloud

Which could quench or drown.


It can be found in

The caress of a loved one,

You won’t see again.


It can be found by

Those who still demand justic...

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1.0 Love


Just look at you go, 
Version 2.0,
an upgrade and that's no mistake.
I know we've both advanced
we’ve progressed, we're enhanced
but here's an EULA I will not break.
I'll watch the ports at your back
guard against cyber-attack
I swear by my serial key that's no fake!
Even with my mode set to stressed,
by my code, I'm impressed
to find how feature-rich a brother, you might make.

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You shouldn’t make it up

Of the man who maintained 

That women should refrain

From applying their make-up on a moving train.


I ask where is your brain?

And how dare you complain?

And does your arrogance stem from a taste for cocaine?


You’re archaic forsooth

Sickening #metoo my back tooth 

So yeah, you’re about to get burnt by the fire in this booth.


You claim that she’s uncouth


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You are not a writer... yet.

You’re not a writer yet, 

until your work is more than just some poems.

You’re not a writer yet, 

so don’t forget you must keeping going.

You’re not a writer yet 

because you ‘might’ by the writing bug have been bitten.

You’re not a writer yet,

if getting it right, means more than getting it written.


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