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There they go again at it like there’s no tomorrow

Maybe they know something we don’t

Listen to her shriek and scream while they fuck

And I hear their bed collapse as he jumps from the wardrobe


The crack of a bullwhip is there connecting to naked flesh

I pity but envy what they’re doing pleasure with pain

They’re both sharing a journey together while I’m alone


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The Big Boss



The Big Boss

My manager is a locust brain

He doesn’t know what he’s doing


My manager is a locust brain

The job is kaos when he’s in charge here


My manager is a locust brain

Production takes a dip under him


My manager is a locust brain

He got the job by kissing arses


My manager is a locust brain

The supervisor is much more skilled



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Different Days



Different Days

A day like no other for several reasons

I found out my wife is a man with a hidden penis


A day like no other for several reasons

For somebody stole the engine from my car


A day like no other for several reasons

Due to me falling into the river and drowning


A day like no other for several reasons

As my credit card was cloned three time...

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Curry Crisps

Curry Crisps

In 1981 and 82 at Littlemoor School I was in Junior 4

With the rest of the little wankers who were my classmates

I used to buy curry flavoured crisps for 10p at break time

I got them every day and even now miss them  

They were the best crisps I ever tasted so yummy!

In a curry coloured packet oh what’s to come!

They were the highlight of my time in that school


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childhoodcurry crispsmemoryremember

Little Globe

Little Globe
Grow me a planet
I want a moon
Followed by a Saturn
Real ones but small
To fit inside my pocket
Got my own worlds
In my palm

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war weapons haiku

Big bucks being made/weapons sales contracts, slush fund/death big business

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military industrial complexprofitwarweapons

Utterly Forgotten

Utterly Forgotten

They set out to make a man like you make a car in a factory

It was a production process starting at step one till the end

When you’re left with the finished product and the job is done

Step by step following instructions and designs and plans

Not missing a single bit or doing it in the wrong order

To look at the completed man you would be amazed

That he was m...

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Made In China

Made In China

Your electrical items stop working one by one

First the kettle stops boiling even tho the red light’s on

Then your microwave stops heating tho it turns round

It gets fixed and works for a week then is totally dead

As for your TV it turns on but has a single line across it

The VHS video player ate the porn tape and jammed

Your radio gets nothing but static on all ...

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crapjunkmade in china

The Q Man

The Q Man

The Q Man was somebody who was different

He travelled the galaxies and universe doing a job

Flying a Type 6 spaceship interstellar style

Normal space travel took forever and a day

But his ship was a souped one off

With engine and fuel enhancements

Zipping from world to world to work

He lands in a remote place and hides

His pointed ship from observers or spies


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contract killerhit manspace travel

poem from book One Thousand Plastic Trinkets Nick Armbrister


More Wanted

How many people have it all and want more?

Just one more toffee from the box

Or one more lady to make love to

Or a car 10 miles per hour faster

Is the grass always greener?

Step over the fence to see

There’s no way back over tho

Make a choice and away you go

Cross your fingers it’s better

Are all people like this?

May I look inside their heads?


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Neoblastic Rituals

Neoblastic Rituals

We gather high upon the hill

To do our ritual and spells

It’s dark up here with a breeze

Just like it was five thousand years ago

Our ancestors met up here

And did what we did here

One long connected circle line

We add to that each year

The veil thins and we chant songs

Their words have meaning

Carefully put together for this act

Reaching out ...

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Running Track

Running Track

See how they run on the running track

How they move swift as lightning

Some faster than others but all quicker

Than you or me or him over there

Those toned up bodies giving their all

Not necessarily young or sexy

Just in shape and ready to go

Five ten fifteen times round

This 800 metre track till done

Come back and do it again

Every single day is race...

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ZANCE from my new book





A man who wants to be a God

Man only not a supernatural being?

Exactly what are you and why?

Man enough to dare to be a God




Nick Armbrister and other writers




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