Place To Be

Place To Be

The best place to be right now

Is not in Europe over Russia's issues

A pissed off nation with 7,500 nukes

Of different types and classes

As set ready to use on Putin's order

Ukraine started it after NATO grew

Right up to Russia's borders

Now they want to turn back the clock

1997 when Russia wasn't threatened

This isn't possible so they all

Sleepwalk to...

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Wet Body

Wet Body

The muscle man has on his gold trunks

See how he dances oh so cool

His lady has on but 3 items

2 nipple tassels and a forward triangle

See how good they look together

An awesome couple like it was a film

Think what they do together

Does it make you blush?

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eroticcoolbody beautiful

Age 3

Age 3

Think of the child age 3 what she will do when she’s older

Who will be annoy who will she love where will she work

What will her mum think of her the bosses in work

Not to mention family members who’re older

Know so much more and those rival friends

Who name call pull hair bite scratch bully

The gal can learn karate to grow in and out

Becoming a black belt teacher an...

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childfuturepersonwhat if

Pure Art

Combine the 2 of them and anything is possible

The intent of 1 and the capabilities of 1

Together in 1 person both are exemplary

With the abilities to have a new mind

Along with unique artistic talent

Now anything is possible

See what they create

With their muse

Pure art

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She strapped on her warplane and flew away to fight

Russian jets being the enemy to be hit

Her missiles were old like her plane


But it was a good one well built

Serviced by her mechanics to perform

When ordered to do by her


She the tip of the spear just a gal

Reason I love my mistress the pilot


Defending our nation each and every day

She already ...

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Superbly Pretty

Superbly Pretty

Pretty dance of laser fire

Multi coloured megawatt beams

Frying all they touch

Superbly pretty yet evil

Beyond Hell the capability

Fired from orbiting spaceships


Close to a planet

Or a galaxy away

Up close is good

See the results

The planet melts

People are gas

It's over fast




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Shed No tears

Shed No tears

There we go the same thing all over again

More of the same nothing changes

But the location and date

Death is death

Killing is killing

War profit is war profit

Way it goes from Napoleon to now

The dollar amount increases

Making the fat cats fatter

Their bank accounts rise to God

This will never ever end

Like the Alien films

They rule and own all...

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Missile Ways

Missile Ways

What's up the sky and the Russian planes?

Before they're splashed by Stinger missiles

Whoosh! Missile away go go go kill a jet

Or chopper bring it down in the water

Let the crew freeze or drown

Some burn alive or get killed in the crash

How dare they invade Ukraine!

Teach them all a lesson forever

Some things not to be forgotten

Like Duncan in Dune 2021 d...

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Tupolev 141 Drone




Tupolev 141 Drone

Those old drones and planes and choppers all sat there just waiting to fly to war. Polish the metal fuel them up kick the tires away they go. No crew just needed just a memory of flight. Something part of their fabric like their wings or engine. A thing part spirit part elemental that exists beyond human comprehension though we built the machines.


Now t...

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All Putin’s Fault

All Putin’s Fault

The man cries

No more wife

No more child

No more family

No more home

No more Ukraine

No more happiness

Huge bomb craters

All Putin’s fault

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The pretty lady screams


Putin’s bombs just murdered her baby

What life will the young mum have now?

In a shattered country war death hate killing

The bastard waited decades for this


And acted not caring the cost

Of Russia’s neighbouring nation

Plus thousands of dead Russian soldiers

Let the traumatised lady be an example


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By Sixes

By Sixes

With this book we have to make a difference

The weight of worry and seriousness is huge

This has not happened before not this way

And very soon all things could happen

They try to control it but can they?

How do you control so many soldiers?

Along with the other shooters

Planes ships launchers tanks and more

Myself I've never felt this way

Except briefly in t...

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Vivid Orange



Vivid Orange

Sky black burnt like sack cloth by the fires

Endless fires vivid orange flames

Always orange as is the screams

Now invisible for they are dead

Bodies black ash blown about

Wind whipped up by the flames

Orange wind this way and that

Like the war win lose win lose

On and on till it simply ended

All dead nobody left to fight

Pull the trigger dro...

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20 Cents




20 Cents

The guy gave the war concern 20 cents

This was enough to buy ten bullets

Which would kill ten enemy soldiers

If fired accurately by a good soldier

He'd give more if he could afford it

But he was jobless and skint

20 cents was all he could afford

Bread and coffee cost money

Even if cheaper thru the VA

His benefits were little not enough

So he...

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In Silence



In Silence

The English ex SAS Special Forces member went to the Ukraine to fight. He travelled light and took just a small back pack and a head full of skills. A gun was a gun and a bayonet a bayonet. He was trained to use most things as weapon especially military articles.


He decided to go to the Ukraine after the Russians invaded proper in early 2022. The Ukrainian Army too...

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Mt Mataba Battlefield Hike


Mt Mataba Battlefield Hike

I did my first 2022 hike up Mt Mataba. I had previously planned to go to Clark area and see some battle sites up there but it was cancelled due to CCP Virus restrictions. Maybe next month instead. I took one of the front paths up Mt Mataba. I wanted to see the Japanese field hospital tunnel again and photograph it. On the way up Mt Mataba I met a hiking party the...

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An Awful Harvest

An Awful Harvest

I went a hike up to Wawa in Montalban and up the mountain roads. Here I was to go past the peaks of Mt Parawagan, Susong Dalaga and Mt Lagyo plus others. The road had been improved by engineers with trucks and plant equipment. I wanted to hike a big circle right back to the beginning. This was possible a few months ago but not now due to the building of the Pamitinan Dam. It wi...

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