Hope Valley

The vast landscape dominates thoughts,
perspectives, emotions and feelings.
Engrossing, a changing of outlook and mood

At the pinnacle, a pause for breath
and meditation on the captivating horizon
Will it lead to a higher place or echelon?

If I surrender myself to it’s awesomenatural beauty,

allow it to sweep me off my feel
like a secret lover, will hope and tranquility prevail?

Either side of this vale, through which a bubbling

river runs, lies a secluded woodland, 
Birdsong dominating, like a musical backdrop
On and through now, leading to a hollow,
a smaller valley, surrounded by mountain ridges,
a deep narrow flat bottom, coming to a sudden

and abrupt end.

Geological events having shaped this rugged landscape,
elongated, found between two almost parallel

mountain chains, stunning.

Canyons, ravines, gorges and gullies,
are not far to be found
 from this valley of hope, as the whole area seems
 to have been fashioned by a creators hand,

cutting its way through,
like a laser, shaping its past and future destiny.

I will therefore hold on to this feeling of engrossment,
awe and simple pleasure,
knowing that in so doing, it may help shape
my own life, heart and mind.




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