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Big Sal on They (Tue, 18 Dec 2018 10:25 pm)

on Wind (Fri, 7 Dec 2018 11:42 am)


They said worship us and you'll live 

They said touch us and you'll live 


They see a face worn out 

They see a coward with doubts 

That's why they think I'm a hollow threat they have to surround

They think they can see the dead remains inside 


Fools! because they never looked me in the eye 

If they had they'll know they've been defeated even before all this started o...

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Door of a Believer

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I knock at the door 

I knock twice 

I hear the door creak open 

But no one's inside

All I see is light

So bright that it forces me to close my eyes 

My eyes they bleed

Singing songs of my deeds 

As they fall 

They stain your floor 

The very floor you stood upon

At that moment I realized

My whole existence is a stain full of lies

A stain so iniquitous that it ...

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Wind struggles to escape my hairs

It is trapped.

'How do I escape ?' It whispers into my ear.

Should I listen or should I ignore?

Should I let it escape or let it be part of my whole?

Should I let it suffer?

Make it listen to the cries of the prisoner,

Cries it had never heard before. 

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I stand looking at you with eyes that can no longer see.

I whisper your name but the whisper dies even before it leaves my mouth.

I try to look for tears but all I find is a desert.

A desert that walked me to blindness.

Blindness of every kind, blindness of everything.

One step forward and I'll fall.

A step backward I'll drown.

I stand still holding my breath.

A breath that...

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