After toddlers are potty trained

we can all breathe a sigh of relief

as the earth turns recycled shit into slurry

packed in plastic

in no great hurry to regurgitate.


Their beautiful little smiling faces

not showing signs of our easy disgraces,

as we bury our faults in earthy vaults

while showing off our progeny,


who soon enough will start to bewail

our contributions to amoeba and the whale.






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Tue 18th Dec 2018 22:23

David, master clip . Bloody hilarious and so right - touches of Dave Allen in another style. Watch out Michael McIntyre.

Thanks for the observations Po. I tried to bring some humour to the table and was lucky with the bewail/whale combo. Sometimes it works....


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Paul Sayer

Tue 18th Dec 2018 21:35

Wolf... What a truth teller and a prophet, a poet and philosopher...masquerading as a comic....

George Carlin a man to admire, respect and emulate.

Great link David


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Paul Sayer

Tue 18th Dec 2018 21:07

..."who soon enough will start to bewail

our contributions to amoeba and the whale.

It is us who are small minded. What bloody parasites humanity have become.

Great use of 'bewail' What a truly insightful conclusion to an epic poem.


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Tue 18th Dec 2018 18:23

Thanks to Tom and to Big Sal for reading and approving, cheers.

Brian, thanks for recognizing the symptoms. No escaping the needs, but just a thought - apparently the only part of the outfit that can't be recycled is the plastic I believe, so there we go again.

Thanks Alan, I agree with that. Imagine one day the swamp thing rising up from the detritus. Gawd 'elp us.

A salutary comment David. There's just no winning from certain perspectives. Thanks.

Martin, I am counting on your support and the others on the site to raise awareness - trouble is it's all a smear campaign.

Ray . Have happy Xmases...

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Martin Elder

Sun 16th Dec 2018 22:51

Ah terry nappies I remember them well soaking in buckets prior to going through the washing machine. what fun!. though a whole lot better than disposables

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Alan Travis Braddock

Sun 16th Dec 2018 10:40

Don't get me started.!
Use old-fashioned nappies.
Hang them on the line as a symbol
Of your eco-modernist status.

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Brian Maryon

Sun 16th Dec 2018 09:41

A subtle pop at the disposable nappy industry which we have all contributed to at some time or other I expect. As a new grandad I am acutely aware of how many she goes through. Good one Ray.

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