Olive skin with high cheekbone 
Cat like eyes, vacant, alone
But focussed, knows exactly why
It’s not her that is going to die
Only one winner in this covert kill
No time for any battle of wills
The strike will be sudden and unexpected 
The minute the target is unprotected 
Unaware of the danger within
this group of colleagues he trusted in
The woman smiles to catch his eye
In this place, only the elite can buy
Works of art, jewel and gold,
precious artefacts, riches untold 
As a wine waitress she masquerades
Before she deals the ace of spades,
to the unsuspecting art dealer, infamous, rich.
Upon her features his eyes are fixed,
beguiled, besotted and bewitched.
On his deathly stare, she’s now transfixed.

The Urban Poet


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Fred Varden

Tue 18th Dec 2018 10:39

Ah, thank you for your comments. I like a bit of drama now and again. This is a little more succinct than ‘The Scimitar’ of a few months ago which I will re post for you. Cheers.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 17th Dec 2018 22:57

Fred I loved this. well done mate.

Super piece of writing.

I am keeping my eye on you...


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Poetikaly Anointed

Mon 17th Dec 2018 02:49

Dang...deep write. You had me going from the start...I was thinking somebody was dying of cancer or something. Never thought of that...

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