From an open space of darkness and nothing

God created the sky, the land, and the ocean

What can compare with such beauty and meakness?

Do you have an appreciation for all that I mention?


Deep in a forest, darkness spreads quickly

The leaves shake, the forest talks like a chatterbox

Slithering snakes signing signaures swiftly

As they go hissing at a running fox


Out in an open field, sunshine blankets the ground

Sunflowers waving in the wind like children after candy

A horse galloping nobly round and round

With a young red head on his back named Mandy


Orange, reddish sunset going down behind the light blue ocean

Waves whoosing wildlying without wariness

Far out a dolphin jumping sporadically near rocks of no motion

They seem to carry themselves humbly with a face of merriness


Up high above puffy white clouds, where the air begins to get thin

Eagles fly high and proud along side the pigeons and their young

Sounds of tweet tweet are echoed through out the sky, not one sign of sin

As these creatures of God let known they exist of many and among


Forest, what do you think of humans who destroy your ways of survival?

Field, would you care if your creations were mistreated?

Ocean, how would you feel if you were hurt when you needed some revival?

Sky, how would if be if freedom was misused from which we were created?


To these questions each and every the answer should be known

It's very simple in nature the law of God is evident in all persons and things

Without appreciation for nature, seeds of evil will be sown

And slowly without as noticing the world will become darkness and nothing

◄ Isabel

Black Red Rose ►


Big Sal

Sun 30th Dec 2018 13:13

Nicely rhymed piece.?

<Deleted User> (19913)

Sun 30th Dec 2018 12:53

I love this Mandy. A sentiment close to my heart. Happy New Year.

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