Words of The Waiting Man 25 ( Drunk, Lonely and Emotional.)

The lack of passion in my voice today
Has rattled the bones of my ancestors
So if I drown myself in these awful thoughts
I don't think the vivid colors can tell stories
When your seeing them from a blind man's eyes

Even in the deepest dry wells
I've been trying to drown myself
Thinking of you in a evening gown
So put the water gun in my mouth and let's commit watercolors

Would I be a vivid piece that you can show off then?
Would you be proud of me?
Would you love my existence thin?
In my water gun there is Sailor Vodka
It's the only way I can see a piece of heaven

I'm selfish and I will agree
I just really want to see her in this lighthouse
Do you really think a firefly can live here
Beside me I know I can sour the mood
I'll make it sweet again soon

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