And who will pay the pickled piper’s price

For fame and glory

In hideous stories

Laid out in the daily blag of brag and nagged

Naked pictures of strips and rips

In rags with clothes whipped and torn

In order that all the relevant nips and tucks can be made

Where the very life blood is sucked

And seeps through open wounds with due consent

In order that they can be seen

In all the right places

Chased in haste

Through clubs and pubs

With drunken skunk driven open misery born

Slunk against the wheel

To feel the click hardened steel toed capped boots

That kick in the crutch that knows no fear in revealing all

But just demands its pound of flesh

In even payments slapped on chest and thigh


All this to impress

The restless urge

Of lipstick smiles from glamour puss

Dreams of admiration and endless wealth

One among the empty-headed carbon leaded

Bloated and floated upon clouds of hysteria

And must haves

For the have nots

Those two coins short of a shilling

Who have lost the ability to think

To breath above and beyond

The heady perfumed air

Of virtual life

Virtually free of everything

As long as you can afford the price

Of the pickled piper’s payment due

This week’s special offer

Give us all you have body mind and soul

And we will give you absolutely nothing

Except an early death  

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Martin Elder

Sun 23rd Dec 2018 00:56

Thanks for Liking Hannah, Charlotte Damon and Jane much appreciated

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Martin Elder

Thu 6th Dec 2018 21:00

Thanks Rachel I believe you are absolutely right . What does it say about society that is constantly sucked into this way of thinking. I have constantly battled in the past on whether to publish any of work. Not that I believe I am seeking to be a celebrity At least I hope not...
But you raise and good an valid point. Thanks for mentioning it and reading.


Thu 6th Dec 2018 02:16

Martin, I think sometimes of how this street of celebrity runs both ways--there are those who sell and those who buy.

I mean, we each, here on WoL could be considered sellers of a sort--what would it be like to be for any one of us to be stalked by the full power of national media?

Really, I believe it has every bit as much to do with appetite as what's displayed on the menu...

Thanks for the nudge, Martin.


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Martin Elder

Wed 5th Dec 2018 23:22

Thanks to Brian and Anya for liking and thanks To Sal and David for commenting.

I shall look up that Quote Sal thank you

David you are not far wrong in your comments. Maybe I am just getting to be a moaning old man but I really do tire of this whole notion of celebrity that some people seem to place so much value in.

Love to all

Big Sal

Tue 4th Dec 2018 11:46

"Never pay the piper unless his songs can make you cry."

- Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen

Great piece, Martin. The ruminations it brought forth from the quote above cannot be overstated. ?

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