Small drop

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Small drop

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

7:42 AM

Small drop

Tuesday,4th December 2018


I am a small drop in an ocean 

that can never be seen 

in its real worth

until finished by the death 


see my contribution

in overall composition, 

where do I stand for the nation?

yes, very much part and active to strengthen 


My role is no insignificant

as I am present

in each effort

that builds real ports to land 


if taken as of no value

I still fall due

in the progress of the nation  

as inseparable human 


who can annihilate?

or exaggerate

their importance to mine

I shall stay self-defined 


I am nothing

yet, I am something

I stand for one

and that shall be taken away by none 


Hasmukh Mehta 


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