Happy New Year Everyone

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Happy New Year Everyone


As a rhymer I'd be neglecting my duty

To not wish you a Happy New Year

Bate your breath as to what I might say next

To which you can say “Dear oh dear”


It's been bloody hot where I write from

Someone said “Hi you flaming galah”

My reaction to this as an Aussie

Is ha-bloody-ha-bloody-ha


(No offence Po....)


One fan of mine (whom I won't mention)

Said keep WOLing your thoughts though they're rhymey

We do like a variety coming up on our screen

Keep mixing your good with your grimey


One poet did make a nice comment

A comment which I liked, left me smiling

One that I will easily continue

She said simply “never stop rhyming”




I hope 2019 is good to you. I will endeavour to keep you entertained – from 10,000 miles away


Don Matthews January 1 2019



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Mon 31st Dec 2018 16:01

LOL You went and did it Don.

What a great time to be alive mate.


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Brian Maryon

Mon 31st Dec 2018 14:35

Don - Happy New Year
While the rest of us are front end
You'll be at the rear

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Don Matthews

Mon 31st Dec 2018 14:04

Let's see if we can rhyme your 'new acquaintance' up a bit Po

May new acquaintance ne'er be forgot
For the sake of poetry rhyme
I'm almost fast asleep my friend
I'm going zonk this time

zonk zzzzzzz ?

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Mon 31st Dec 2018 12:07

I bet you give me the first smile of the new year old friend

May new acquaintance never be forgot for the sake of poetry rhyme

may new acquaintance Zzzzzzz

Good night mate
sleep tight


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Don Matthews

Mon 31st Dec 2018 12:02

Looks like I've gone jumped the gun Po
New Year is still one day away
Your flaming galah is still dizzy
Bloody hell Po what more can I say?

As I type this it's 10.22 here
People anxious, waiting midnight
To watch fireworks welcome new year
Can I keep myself 'wake till they light?


My problem' s I'm sipping some white wine
Replying my answer to Po
It's making me quite sorta sleepy
(Turn on the telly Don, wake up for the show)


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Mon 31st Dec 2018 09:58

Bloody hell mate... beat us again

Just noticed I still have 14hrs to wait to reach next year.

What's it like?


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Mon 31st Dec 2018 09:55

Don I wish you all that you wish for
and a bloody sight more!

I'm not like some who throw out comments from inside their glass houses my upside down friend... but I know you know that

S M A S H!



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