To be buried or cremated ?

Bob had been married to Beryl for 20 years,

But bad news on the phone Beryl hears.

"Your husband Bob has been involved in a fatal crash."

To the scene of the accident Beryl did dash.


It was a motorway pile up three others had died,

Distraught, Beryl holding Bob's cold hand cried.

It came to her mind the thought of the funeral ahead,

"I don't want to be cremated ,I want to be buried,"Bob always said.


"I want to be buried in the garden when I am dead."

Bob was buried in the garden next to his shed.

Two years had gone by and his presence was always felt,

Beryl frequently chatted with Bob as by his grave she knelt.


A rabbit in the garden frequently looked into her eyes,

A look of love,it was a pleasant  surprise.

While sat in the garden on her deck chair,

A butterfly landed on her shoulder and fluttered her hair.


One day in the garden enjoying the view,

Ten worms joined together to form,"I love you."

These things happened and were beyond belief,

Bob was still there for her , 'twas a  burial  relief.


One night Beryl was fast asleep in her bed,

She was woken by a spider banging on her head.

Beryl heard an alarm in the kitchen below,

She'd left the oven on,to turn it off she did go.


Another disaster was soon to be prevented,

Two dodgy lads ,to steal Beryl's car was intended.

They pushed her to the ground and grabbed her keys,

But when they jumped into her car , were faced with a swarm of bees.


This gave her a buz ,Bob was still there,

The thieves ran away after their big scare.

Disasters kept  being avoided in a good way,

Bob was still there for her, as in the garden he lay.


Due to what had happened.Beryl had learnt,

It is better to be buried than to be burnt.







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M.C. Newberry

Mon 10th Dec 2018 15:55

Having already noted my will with "cremation", I still enjoyed the
theme out across with such zest.
Cremation is better than burial, by gum,
Ashes to ashes - up in smoke, chum!
To throw to the wind or spread on the sea,
Or put in a pot - it's bye-bye from me!

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Taylor Crowshaw

Mon 10th Dec 2018 14:58

Love this Hugh ?

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Paul Sayer

Mon 10th Dec 2018 13:58

Hugh I love this poem so much. It paints so many pictures, sounds and emotions with every line.
Great rhyme.

Made me laugh so much I wee'd myself... made my feet go rusty

Looking forward to the next rhyming little ditty


Big Sal

Mon 10th Dec 2018 13:18

A conundrum since time immemorial.

Very heartfelt and great piece.?

Last line sealed like a letter.

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