The Inner Sprawl

The Inner Sprawl


A morass wallowing in its own destiny

faces of anguish,vacant, lost in a 

conundrum of terrestial confusion

Eagerly in pursuit and pursued

driven by all that should be detested

yet now set upon a pedestal of glory

A beggar with dog of adoring eyes

blue smoke wafts his presence to passers by

Some ignore to rush with bated breath

others bewildered scornful glimpse

 only from shadowy lids

Prams pushed laboriously by the weary

trolleys by the elderly

invalids mark their privileged route

through portals of predetermined opportunity

into coffers already overflowing

yearning for more

Pollution rife in a vapour of fumes and a 

cathedral of plastic - all damned

The elgant swans gracefully slide 

as fowl above gently glide

A savage scene of want and greed

no turning back only more endeavour

as rumours fake are plied forever


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Sun 30th Dec 2018 23:40

Keith you words always have a soulful depth my friend

…"Some ignore to rush with bated breath others bewildered scornful glimpse
... only from shadowy lids"

I am looking forward to reading more of your 'stuff' next year

Keep on keeping on mate

Big Sal

Sun 30th Dec 2018 20:49

Like a steampunk nightmare. Or any present endeavor really. .

Last 5 lines had it sold, but the whole thing is ripe with imagery.?

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