New Year Tidings

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The whale is a big thing.
Jonah had three days in the belly of the whale
carefully considering, and I hear him now.

"This is a good time in the progress of the world.
I know a people of the earth contemplate 
hunting the whale to extinction. Yet
no captain Ahab plunges on his solemn mission.
Only Nippon company men after profit
whatever the cost. Call me apoplectic
but I'd see them extinct before the whale.
I'll call you Ishmael for you are the one
at the centre of history by virtue of living:
      only you can act.
I believe this is a good time in the progress of the world,
plain as whale-watchers faces embarking,
brilliant as their expressions seeing
the great animal fly. The whale is
a big thing. I believe you will not fail 
now the time has become urgent.

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