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I thought I would dabble in a new genre of poetry appearing on the site (Ghouly-flppant)  I hope you like it.  Rhyme adds a nice touch don't you think?


I'm tearing the sky open
And drinking from it's neck
Blood which pours out freely
I drink (so what the heck?)

Because I'm only drinking
And not injecting thus
Catching scare diseases does not
Give me any fuss

Now what else can I add
To poem , make it good?
Maybe sipping champagne
Lightly laced with blood?

So go and think about this
On butt, do cogitate
About my deep-like poetry
Which I do create

It takes me such a  long time
Creating wisdom-words
And lots of mental energy
To fly up with the birds


Don Matthews December 2018


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Brian Maryon

Mon 17th Dec 2018 09:47

Shades of Lionel Shriver...

...we need to talk about Don.

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