I'm an antisocial pessimist
Missing an antidote with a face of an angel 
You can tell all your friends that you killed a boy

I'm still stuck in the past
I wanted us to last
You found another man 
My heart broke like glass

So you'll find the metaphor in the words I'm saying
I'll play my heart like a violin until the strings break
I was playing the music for you this whole time
So why didn't you listen to it my dear?

◄ Words of The Waiting Man 25 ( Drunk, Lonely and Emotional.)

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 20th Dec 2018 19:48

Rejected - what a sad word that is in the closest of human relationships. Love locked out is the hardest to bear of emotional

Big Sal

Wed 19th Dec 2018 14:59

Excellent piece.?

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