And so this is eX Ministerial Accord Season

Can it possibly be true

How the twelve months flew

Really twenty-four have passed

In terror of being outcast

Since that dire vote to leave

The parties it seems must all deceive

Mindless of the real cost

All thoughts of governance long lost

So the lady May survive

Gainst all that ministers contrive

Regardless of the pundits' sense

Ever blind to the expense

Ever deaf to all advice

Trading on the word SUFFICE

In spirit, at the very least

No agreement, no hope, no feast

Giving us Brexit as a path to tread

Stupid Woman, someone said



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M.C. Newberry

Thu 20th Dec 2018 14:32

Good seasonal acrostic. But the politicians saw fit to deceive their
people in the last few decades so let them sort out the result of
their own deceit...and be quick about it!

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