Closed That Chapter for Life Long

Closed That Chapter for Life Long


This Diwali 2018, you rang my number

Which was not at all expected from you

The call was not related to ask about well beingness

It was to curse me, it was to make me feel unwanted

It was to make me feel bad

It was to ruin my sentiments


As it was my wish that I wanted to come there with my daughter

To share few moments of love and laughter

Just wanted to mend up gaps between us


I was assuming that I am still there inside of you

May be somewhere you have kept a small space for me

I was wrong, I thought I am still alive in your life

I was wrong thinking that still there is some bonding left between us


You asked me to not to come to see you

You made me understand that I am not entitled for having any relation with you

The relation which is not made by me

Which is blood related, which is God created

But you challenged the existence of all blood relations


It was my mistake, my wrong assumption

You treated me in a manner which was beyond my imagination

You made me realise that I am no more part of your life

You made me understand that I am no more in your memories


I was trying repeatedly to approach you

To find space in your life, in your heart

To find some shade from burning sun


You made me feel like a kite without string

You wanted me to cry every time on my destiny

To the wounds which were years old, I could not found any remedy

Your every effort was to make me feel to die

To make me feel like I am torn apart


I could not even think that any parents could ever be like this

You have made a perfect example in this materialistic world

Grand Salute to the today’s materialistic world


Bindu Triigunayak

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Bindu Trigunayak

Fri 14th Dec 2018 04:32

Thanks Big Sal for your like?

Big Sal

Thu 13th Dec 2018 15:12

Beautifully scripted emotion with a heart-wrenching ending. My regards.?

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