Silver Grey Blue

Tell me a story
young friend
where you've been
and gone
tell me your reply
won't be so long
tell me I can't
do no wrong
paint me an ocean
pretty blue green
paint me a sky
silver grey blue
paint me a new day
yellow and red
I been waiting an waiting
a long while waiting, 

anticipating thinking
and hoping you come
blue as the sky
on a summers night
midnight is the time to fly
I miss the shine
the stars they are mine
but oh so far away
I can only pine and pine
and get on the mic
an whine and whine
for time to
change its mind
reverse the track
and give me back
the words I lost
the grace I tossed
for sometimes I am
truly boxed
all I can do is pine
for the star
I left behind
for the broken
parts of my mind
for the endless
tick of time
for the loss inside
so sublime
for all the things
that pass me by
in my absent state
I make so many mistakes
waiting on fate
to bait me once again
down and under
I run with thunder
then I wake,
look up at the sky blue
then orange and wonder
what's so wrong
and what's so right
and who ought to decide
how one should live
their lives.


spoken word

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