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poemagraphic on Soldiers, our strengths. (Fri, 28 Dec 2018 08:26 pm)

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Eyes say it all.

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If your heart needs a hug so warm,

that your sorrows take a melting fall,

then don't you worry, just turn to me

and see that my eyes say it all.


For i don't think that you might know,

my heart has taken you in call,

and no part of mine agrees to say,

but it's just my that eyes say it all.


You may be there or may be not,

my eyes will be in search of yours,


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Soldiers, our strengths.

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With shoulders wide and heads upright,

try to cheat, they are ready to fight.

Family behind, feelings aside,

our soldiers stand in all their might.


Neither do we think nor do we care

of the ones who are always there.

Why is it that those sacred hearts

have to face all this despair?


Deaths, murders, shed of blood,

like used puppets they lie in the mud.


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A Recipe for Happiness

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Find the darkness in your days,

and kill it in the silent nights,

then let others notice and say,

your shine has gone up to what heights.


Yet don't be done with what you have,

just spread your wings and jump to fly,

there's much you have done yesterday,

there's more you have to do tonight.


When you watch the tables turn,

and god takes test at every turn,


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