Stop, Go, Rover

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Stop, Go, Rover


Behind the wheel a dog

A dog? I've never seen

They say that they are colour-blind

Cannot tell red from green


Dog owners explain to Rover

If top light on he stops

Middle light means slow down

Go? Opposite to top


If you explain to Rover

How to use these lights

I think he will have many years

Of happy motoring sights

Don Matthews December 2018


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Brian Maryon

Sat 29th Dec 2018 10:46

I had a Rover about 20 years ago...a Rover 45. A bit like a Colt 45 except it didn't fire bullets. On the other hand you can't carry four pasengers and a boot full of shopping from Tesco in a Colt 45. So there it pays your money and you takes your choice.

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