The poetry and mass

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The poetry and mass

Saturday,15th December 2018


The poem has no end

it has to send

only the messages

to bring out disturbed souls from the cages


we are imprisoned by cast, creed

and above all, by the greed,

the deception is being called big brother

and as result, we all suffer


the poetry has to offer

and suggest altering the life's style

adjust to the changing scene

and remain in the limelight


the poems have nice ways to suggest

as life remains to be a battleground

allowing each win with great struggle

and make it known to the people


it has a sweetness of cuckoo

to woe the hearts

of human beings

and tries to bring some kind of harmony


the poet and poetry go together

where they have to stay together

for the society and mass

to show the effectiveness


Hasmukh Mehta


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