What marvels are tiny seeds

holding life itself inside each pod


so small and insignificant

so dull and drab

yet from seeds

springs the miracle of life

our very existence

depends on seeds


seeds sprout corn and rice

and plants of every imaginable kind

seeds provide us work and wealth

seeds paint us green

our earth wreathed in lushness

blessed with food and flower


in the scheme of the universe

only we have seeds

we grow ourselves to the future

we plant ideas as seeds


without seeds,where would we be

there would be no life, no scenery

existence rests on such as these

small miracles called simply, Seeds.



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Fri 28th Dec 2018 19:48

Words like seeds broadcast D

What a debate could ensue here

Thought provoking as your words take root old friend.



Fri 28th Dec 2018 14:28

Plant a thought
Grow a poem.

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