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Death Party

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Death Party

I watched my death party
And smiled
Because I knew what nobody can expect
When they leave into the darkness
Between the layers of time itself.

Some people shed tears of lost
While others smiled with no cost,
Many cry on their own
While I felt death
Like a wound
From a black rose.

I await to greet others
Within seconds
Not years –
Like time spent growing up with my ...

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A New World Awaits

The blackness doesn't exist
With eyelids positioned, fixed
To all looking in
A mind that won't give in.

Spectrums of colour await
Films and events, 
Into moments that shouldn't exist
As the frequency demands it's existence to manifest.

The future and past 
Pour like an hourglass
With each grain of sand
Making moments of transcendent glam.

Moments defined by an anagra...

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God Is No Man

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Understanding the laws of the universe
Puts you in a position of overwhelming doubt
As your mind tells you that God would never take the form of a human scout
Decaying in this moment of nonsensical bout.

God doesn’t sit on a cloud
God doesn’t pretend to shout
God doesn’t want to meet you
Or question the defiance from the stench of your wet mouth.

The Universe is filled with mathematica...

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A word underused

A word that’s abused

So small, yet a powerful beckoning of call

A word remembered by all.


What makes me laugh

When fighting in a brawl

Is the fact the speaker doesn’t understand

That in the 21st century

This word has changed

And enters into a new plan.


To be blunt and to the point

To use the word Cunt! Means not a lot

At all.



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Feel It

entry picture

Feel it with all your might
Feel it with all that’s insight
Feel it tonight
Feel it regardless of your fight
Feel the laughter and pain hitting right
Feel it like the wind lashing off the winter night

Feel it again
Feel it over and over again
Feel it like you can’t pretend
Feel life like it’s your friend

Feel it for all that’s lost with no end
Feel it again
Feel it while delivering...

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entry picture

Light, from a billion years too late
Creating states of existence
In an essence of brilliance
On a journey that deliberates deliverance.

Belonging to all
These black nights filled with pockets of galactical,
manifested mystical’s –
of fire and pure delight.

Welcoming all, to join them in a dancing rage
Screaming to all who look upon their fate
Come and join us and live among this art...

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Purple Sky

entry picture

Rippling from beyond an infinite place,

There seems to be room for an ultimate space.

Miles high,

Beneath the sky.

Lashings of purple fire build the tower of rounded shapes.


Coupling oranges of clashing toxicity,

Yet the simplicity fills awaiting eyes with Enigma.

Trying to understand the suns cast of light.

Filling empty minds with the splashes of purple sky.



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the sky

The Meaning Of Thought

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Deciphering the meaning of thought

Has provoked me to remember in short

Understanding the way,

To that which we play 

The living of a candle ready to fall.


Layers of moments

Unleashing their devotion

To stay within but excite!


All you need to do

Is open the door 

As the past, present and future awaits for you

Connecting to all that’s lost.


A machi...

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Gesture Of Thought

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The vibrations pour through and over 

Beyond an energy source from a supernova

Following through to hit directly within you.


Teaching you the ways of an evidential beginning

Moving forward to the desired wining

Binding all to a significance

A universal law of participant.


Tremors learned to filter through

Desires and plans connecting you to

All living,

The s...

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Open Your Eyes to See

entry picture

Let me take you by the hand

And bring you on a journey to a different land

Where all is new with exciting news

A mind bending trick 

Made to awaken you in time.


Thoughts provoked while you stare at the land

Bringing you closer to the mighty plan

It's nothing to do with a lonely man

Something spouted to you from a deceitful plan.


Read beyond what the education s...

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entry picture

Pansophy they said from a different time

all knowing 

with a distinctive design.


Who would know of such,

to teach the arts of many gifts

one doesn't have to know this.


Wondering about the fragments of relativity

a moment offered for embellished wits

deciphering reality


a worth of distant morality.


Humbling treats for ears that listen


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Into the Fire

entry picture

Into the fire

into the night

watching over you from a frightful height.


I see you questioning everything in sight

looking for the answers beyond that of tonight.

A young soul not to have found a way

in understanding the rules of play.


Into the fire

into the night

time will unwrap you from the night

a place where all find themselves

before they can see the...

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