Master of Disguise

I’m a master of disguise, 

Cleverly hidden amongst the little lies. 

They build so fast and so strong, 

Before you know it you’re trapped- so long. 

I hide my pain in my brain and nothing I gain. 

I hide disgust in my gut which prolongs my time in this rut. 

I choose my words meticulously in case you sense the insecurity. 

I keep myself at a distance without the slightest resistance, 

I’m unseen and slower I breathe, until I’m seen for what’s perceived- 

I’m a master of disguise and nobody believed, 

I’m untouchable and disastrous. 

Unknowingly I master this. 

Hidden so well, I cannot even tell. 

I trick all like Cinderella at that ball, 

Except when the clock strikes 12, I burn up the hall. 

Kill them all. 

It’s ok, because I’m the master of disguise- I never need to hide, my hands you will never bind. 

Im the master of disguise.

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