As will I

I’ve sunken to nothing it’s all on me

Selections I’ve made not on you i see

Yet truth be told with someone that lies

I’ve chosen to have revenge when you die

My boys will carry my burden to lift

It will drag them to the generational abyss

You will not regret leaving me alone

As there’s no feel that isn’t your own

Carry the weight of me on your shoulders

The rest of your time might not be colder

No love no heart yet you have friends 

Empathy won’t arise until the end

When you see the light you’ll feel the curse

The agony your soul will not burst

Continually caught in hoarders hurst

One that gives you all you need

Fitting for a life driven only by greed

You will haunt beyond our boys

Eternal afterlife was your choice

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Burnt ►


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Mon 31st Dec 2018 17:09

Thanks po I like that. No courts, paper or violence. Just words and empathy. That’s what we need

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Mon 31st Dec 2018 16:11

Reggie "Justice is mine say'th the lord".

From someone like myself who doubts these words at times, I know in my heart that we will find resolve either here or hearafter.

Perhaps this is no consolation now Reg however, poetry has seen many a lost soul find their way home.

This is soul-searching of the deepest kind


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Mon 31st Dec 2018 16:03

Horrible thoughts I regret it already yet my end won’t change. Justice...

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