Subtle Upsides

Drives the leash tight
with subtle upsides
and the swells of Midway

roll, skitter, and with no sail
I am litter & I kiss

Pollock while one drives

the leash tight
with subtle upswing
and the squeak of sneakers
(the pitter-pat laces)
an Aleutian hopscotch

That swirls just
like my private Pollock -
a pitch paste pitched
like waffle batter
across the cracked
parking grid full of
birds & bottle water

drove the leash tight
with subtle upbringings
and necks like logs
right next to logs

Of poured and
brine-soaked character.
Astride those logs
the street grows legs and
swish-swash, um,
your fishing pole
is drooling on kisses of hum
and mercury that seem

to be skating on a
pitch pulse pitching which,
when pitched,
gurgles itself to cream
all, all over,

over, we drive the leash tight and
it's over, again.

I wait by the roundhouse
for your freak to arrive.
I've hands in coat,
Dreaming tunnels lurching

east bubble and crest.
See me bubble like

slug juice beneath his shower

as a stranger's dark

wind laps lightly at his brow

with nautilus breath.
It screams as it cuts
across my cuts alot

and right, right on

cue slips as
between my lips and I
bow, I tense carpals

now the punk progeny
prophesized is blitzing
through Providence.
In his threads I am and

was and am now born

upon a crisp, bottling
wind toward Pollock, I
hopscotch my Pollack.

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