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Our site allows

free readings of assorted poems

if you have the wherewithal

to withstand them


This may sound kind of crazy

however I got to use the word


which along with Catawampus

are two of my favorites


It's a two for one special

and an opportunity for me

to use the word wherewithal

and for you to read

this slightly catawampus poem.



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Sun 30th Dec 2018 16:47

whoa. madeupwordsthatthrillandenthral?
did you run out of space?

Happy New Year!!

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Don Matthews

Sun 30th Dec 2018 02:36

dk? po'sgoneandbeatme
Ya know these twoforone's?
I also bought me some

I know the store you're talking 'bout
They sell these crazy words
To spice up all our poetry
Words that one's never heard ?

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Paul Sayer

Sat 29th Dec 2018 16:03

Oh! Deep joy.

I adore the use of madeupwordsthatthrillandenthral

Thanks for this wonderlicious example of just how crazy us poets are D


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