The title of a decent poem

Do not judge me for my actions.

Do not chide me for my mistakes.

Do not jeer at my defeat.

Do not cheer at my frustrations.

Do not laugh at my heartache.

For every chink in my armor and for every new battle scar,

comes with it a reinvigorated fervor to soar beyond what were once thought to be peaks.

So do not pave where I have misstepped with your 'I told you sos' and 'you'll never be good enoughs'.

That will only expose your lack of confidence,

your cowardice, and your inability to work towards accomplishing your goals.

The road may be chancy, but it is not impassable.

And the likelihood of falling is high,

But experience is the fodder for imagination, determination the true master of fate.

And if we had all been granted the gifts of persipacity and clairvoyance,

our failures would be few and our wills would not surrender to trepidation.

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Big Sal

Thu 20th Dec 2018 11:00

6th line sums it best.

Nicely done on this. It reads well.?

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