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I had it all

At the time all those little things,

I guess they seemed so small,

But right now I know for sure,

That we really had it all.


On 31st January,

We bought the new year in,

Made our resolutions, celebrated,

Couldn’t wait for the new year to begin.


A few months down the line,

Who would have known,

The world would be in lock down,

And we couldn’t leave our home...

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The real fool

When they’re older,

and it’s all abit too late,

no one will be laughing,

about those green things on my plate,

I eat well, I exercise,

I have tons of energy to work,

yet the coolest person in the office,

is an absolute jerk,

I’m known as “the weird one”,

because I’m climbing mountains on the weekends,

im not out being an idiot,

getting wasted with my friends,

I ...

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My New House

I get up at 6.00am and I begin to clean the house,

People think I'm crazy but they don't know what it's all about,

They didn't see the place that I used to call home,

Where I didn't invite people over too embarrassed to be a host,

Just a normal semi or atleast that's what you might think,

But to me it is a palace the new home in which I live,

I would never take this house for gra...

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My Favourite Place

It wasn’t easy getting here,

Yet many do succeed,

When I am at my favourite place, 

There is only one thing I need,

I need a camera to take a photo, 

Because I truly believe,

The most valuable assets I own,

Are my memories,

Iv been here in every season,

In sun, wind, rain and snow,

Iv been here so many times,

And yet it never seems to get old,

We all have our ow...

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My Halloween

The leaves are beginning to turn,

The nights are getting longer,

It’s getting colder outside,

It must be October.


There’s a knock at the door,

I am frozen still,

I don’t want to answer it,

But I know someone will.


There’s a fear in me,

Like a fire inside,

I don’t want to look,

But I can’t close my eyes.


I see them at the door,

I sit motionless ...

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