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The Sky is Crying With Heavy Rain

I address our Lord with a prayer.

Get us free of any evil and a liar.

Let me have enough food and bread,

So that my children could be fed.


Let the hearts of my family and friends

Never know any hurts and pains.

Keep them away from dirty hands,

And welcome the miracle of mains.


The sky is crying with heavy rain,

We have forgotten how to live.

Profit has bec...

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Hey, Men! A woman is Not a Hen

Man’s logic is so illustrative and simple,

He thinks he is so nimble.


Remembering the words of the great Pushkin:

“The less we love a woman the more she likes us”,

He is neither in a hurry nor in a fuss

To express his feelings and…. Alas!

There is nothing more here to discuss


From the attitudes of the poetic lyrics.

Pushkin’s words are not yardsticks.


The ...

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man's logic

On the Border of Heaven and Hell

On the border of heaven and hell

I live quite well playing the bell.

I lived like this a long time ago.

Though my soul doesn’t know the word NO.


I live a simple and ordinary life,

I sometimes love, and sometimes I strife.

But one day I’ll come to you like an actor,

For you to recognize yourself.


While my heart wounds subside

The horrible dramas preside.

It h...

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I Lived and Believed in a Fairy Tale

They laugh at me because I live in tales,

And he plays with you and then he sails.

And I follow him without any fear.

He loves me and I can this love bear.

I love him truly and with all my heart,

I cannot stand to live apart.

I can withstand any difficult test,

And I promise God to be the best.

They laughed and said: He is not your dear.

It would be better if you had ...

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I feel so bad without you,

All my dreams are about you.

I lie in bed, thinking of only you.


You are my dearest and nearest,

The only one and sweetest.

Out of all you are the greatest.


You are so delicate and good

You quickly change my mood.

Your love I prefer any food.


I love you so much, my darling.

You always look so charming,

When telling m...

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Can you guess

Out of a mass?

-Is it red?

-No, it’s black.

-Why is it white then?

-Because it is green.



3. I drink three days a week

They all start with the letter T,

What days are they?

(Tuesday, Thursday, Today)


I am on a plane,

Ahead is a train,

and behind is a crane.

Your friend is found

on a ……….




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While you face the past

Your ass faces the future.

Turn around quickly!


©Larisa Rzhepishevska


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Russian Bullet

This theme is known quite well.
Our love story was like a Russian roulette.
I would never bet or foretell
If I had to bite a bullet.

My heart sang a beautiful song,
I could fly high in the sky,
Wrote poems for the one I belong,
I didn’t think of the day I die.

He changed the rules of the game,
I ran away from the unnecessary risk,
Love forever I wanted to proclaim,
But he showed me ...

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love story

Dreem, My Friend, Dream!

We go to bed with a dream,
We get up with a dream.
All our life we strive for a dream.
All our life we dream.


It’s beautiful to live with a dream,
Though sometimes we suffer.
There are moments when we scream
And life seems to be tougher.


We all dream of achieving a goal.
Our dream is an elixir of longevity.
It’s an elixir for our undying soul,
It’s God's gift and His chari...

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Let’s Live on the Waves of Love!

Only one life we live,

Only in love let’s believe.

Let’s love and not fight.

Love is always right.


Let’s believe in miracles,

In star that always sparkles.

Close your beautiful eyes,

Over the clouds, a bird flies.


I’ll kiss you gently and slowly,

Your heart will rest surely.

Only love will save Ukraine,

Only love is now the main.


The world didn’t ...

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love poems


The beginning is timid,

time has no limit,

magic movements are slow,

we dance the tango of love.

It’s the music of feelings,

bliss and passion revealing,

dance of flight and explosion

of hidden love.

The beginning is timid

and is not so vivid,

then it turns into a wild

and grasping dance.


We go deep into music.

plunge ourselves into ta...

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I Was Waiting For My Lucky DAy

I was waiting for my lucky day,

I was sad and accepted waiting,

Then the boring days passed away.

And I started to wait for the dating.

And I couldn't let my soul sleep.

My crazy thoughts were so deep.

My feelings grew stronger,

When days became longer.


I was waiting for my lucky day,

It should certainly come in May.

Dasy flower is not a miracle.

In the su...

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my life

God Didn't Know What to Say

People are cheaper, things are more expensive,

With a lack of spirituality, men are more offensive.

Ducky lips and selfie, a bare ass,

They forgot the beautiful word “lass”.


Passing by the poor people, watching mangy cats

Their faces remind me of dangerous rats.

His dad is a deputy, he studied in the States,

Now he is responsible for others' fates.


Someone is fi...

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I Am the Happiest One On This Land,

I am the happiest one on this land,

Even if sometimes I feel sad,

I remember the day you gave me your hand,

And became the most adorable lad.



It took me so long to find the only one.

Before I breathed the dust of human vanity,

How many I met those who just had fun!

Without even a hint to humanity.


I can't express myself in words,

It's hard to find the righ...

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Spring Meets Summer

I want to wake up in the morning before the dawn
And watch the spring dressed in a beautiful gown.
When the spring passes its crown to summer,

Demonstrating its beautiful gamma.


I want to open my doors wide

And watch when summer as a bride

Accepts her sister's presents

And cherish all the dear moments.

And then I wish to walk with summer in the wood
And as a lyrist to...

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mother nature

Today, on the 27th of May, I proclaim Larisa Rzhepishevska Day. Hurray!

Acacia blooms in a city park,

The song of joy sings the lark.


From the very early morning

my phone is buzzing with calls,
I answer them all today.

Without any delay, I say:
More than that: my computer is hanging
sprinkling me with messages and SMS

My mailbox is groaning because of the loading
but it’s ok for today,
Somehow my electronic friend will survive
giving me a d...

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It is Hard For My Heart



It is hard for my heart

that I cannot see you.

Tell me why cannot I?

If I knew,

If I knew.

Do be just!

Show your trust!

Smile again as before!

Tell me new I Love You!

Nothing more,

Nothing more.





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love poems

I Still Believe in Good Deeds

I still believe in good deeds,

This probably can't be treated.

My soul only beauty feeds,

By the Sun and Love heated.


I still believe in good deeds,

But values are different.

Someone is happy in good seeds,

Other admires his wife as a variant.


Some are happy to have a new phone,

Others care about their cat and dog.

Love and Kindness were left alone,


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To My Grandson


I will tell you about me like this:

I will never be tall,

I will never be small,

I will never be a man,

I will never be a football fan.


I would certainly like to have coffee in bed,

but it looks so sad,

as I’ll have to get up,

without any makeup,

then to dress, then to undress.


I will never jump as high as 2 meters,

because I won’t be able to run up.


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appreciating life

There will be Again the Sunshine

You are running ahead
instead of thinking where.
Your heart is beating at a crazy speed,
it has its flair.

You are swallowing salty drops of tears,
You do not hear the jeers,
You do not feel the rain
But only the unfair pain.

Hurts tear your soul apart.
Who cares about your broken heart?
You want to scream, even to roar,
You can’t stand this pain anymore.

You want to smash all on...

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My Elixir

I will make an elixir now.
Will you ask me how?
It’s such a simple science!
A bottle of reliance,
Another one with love and peace,
One more of trust the love to increase.
I’ll mix all that with a magic spoon,
My elixir is going to be ready soon.
And…to complete this picture
I’ll sing a song to my mixture.
How will you take this elixir?
Five drops a day will be enough,
As it’s the stron...

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I Didn’t Want To Speak Out Loud

Whether peace or trouble is talked about,

They didn’t want me to speak out loud.

The sadness settled in my heart.

But I happened to be a hard nut.


I was kind, not mind to some well-known guys.

Up to that moment, I could all realize.

It’s so convenient when your heart is opened.

I opened my eyes and saw the value of lies.


Besides, I saw so much light around,


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I Am Laura’s Stomach

It’s Monday morning, and she’s got up.

When I asked her for breakfast

she told me to shut up.

When I asked her for my porridge

or at least for an orange

she told me to keep quiet

as of today, she was on a diet.


She has noticed cellulite

and decided to get rid of it.

In the daytime, it was a real crime,

she didn’t put anything inside me,

so, I thought to remind...

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My Father’s Homeland Attacked Ukraine

About love, I want to write

But someone interrupts,

You have to write about a fight

The song you sing corrupts.


My homeland is in the fight,

People dig the ground with the shells.

It's impossible to sleep at night,

All around looks like a dance of hells.


So many pieces of lead are all around!

With whom is Ukraine is at war?

My father's land is tightly bound,


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war and peace

The Melody of Love

One day I said: Love, you are so strong!

It answered: but I sometimes can be wrong.

Only fools are always right

And with anyone they can fight.

I said: when you are near my heart sings.

You are the one who happiness brings.


Love answered with a cunning smile:

To make lovers happy is my style.

- But I want to ask you once more:

Why were you so cruel before?


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love poems

Love of the Stars

On the suburb of the Universe

The beta star has lighted up.

Her luminescence was a diverse,

By God, she was set up.


His Majesty the Alpha star has seen her light,

has fallen in love with her at first sight.

His nights have become so bright,

somewhere even white.


At once he sent her a ray of love

wishing her to be his beloved.

Her Excellency the Beta star


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love poems

I’d Like To Thank You For Stealing My Heart

I thank you for the quietness,

For the bank on which I wasn’t left,

For your soul which gave me happiness,

For letting me know my craft.


Yes, I loved, but… in the way I could.

Yes, I laughed, but… in the way of my mood.

When falling I drank and smoked,

But there were always pranks and I joked.


I simply knew I was not lonely,

I didn’t repent, I didn’t preten...

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love poems

I Am Out of Fashion

Are you pumping your asses? Come on!

Are you pumping tits and lips… Come on!

There are tattoos on your eyebrows, ass.

You forgot the word, LASS.


You know how to comb your hair.

But you don’t know how to be fair.

You know how to do makeup

But you don’t know how to wash up.


You know how to make money doing nothing,

But you don’t know how to do something.

You l...

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There is Nothing Without Love

People, take care of love!

Call your darlings “my dove”.

Sky can’t live without the moon,

If you trust love comes soon.


Don’t trust others your love!

Trust your love and your dreams.

It seems someone was born.

And the light appeared at the dawn.


Don’t lose your love because of offends!

Turn off your pride and arrogance!

If only someone pretends

Live apart...

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love poems

His Majesty Accidental Meeting

His Majesty Accidental Meeting

Accidental meetings,
accidental greetings,
accidental walks,
accidental talks,
accidental questions,
accidental answers...

But! Suddenly…
What’s happened?

Meetings, greetings,
walks and talks,
questions and answers
stopped being accidental.
Life has become sentimental.

Love has rushed into the circle
and quickly closed it.

Sleepless nights a...

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love poems

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