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I address to the garverment of my country

You, morons, with the wood brain,
Sawdust your heads contain,
Listen to me, you damn bloody fools,
Lift your asses from the stools!
Go! Toddle of hobble to do good deeds!
Grow fruitful seeds!
Moderate your own greed!
Find out what people need! 
Feed the children and old men!
Heal the children from cancer and then
Build the roads and give the gas!
I want my country to be superclass.

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It's good to be a woman

It's good to be a woman at 30 years old.

 You can even ask for vodka to be cold.

At thirty you have something to surprise,

And see the excitement in his eyes.

When you are forty he nervously trembles.

 Hundred-year old man with Viagra gambles.

It's good to be a woman at the age of fifty

 Climax has already passed, you are shifty.

It's good to be a woman at the age of sixty.


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Everyone chooses for himself ...

Everyone chooses for himself:

 A woman, a religion, and the path.

 You can serve the devil or the lass.

Everyone chooses for himself.


Everyone chooses for himself:

A word for love or just a prayer,

 A sword for the duel, shelter as a lair.

 Everyone chooses for himself.


Everyone chooses for himself:

Shield and armor, staff and a hat.

The service to the greed...

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The Burning Cathedral

The Cathedral and holy relics are burning.

For grief of righteous, for the joy of devil.

Will you, our Lord, bring people to the square,

So that, the grief could crawl far away?

I beg you, Lord! Save humans treasure!

Restore the shrine by the whole world!

Or we are on edge of quickly dying.

And this the people understand at last!

Let everyone just pray in their own temples...

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Let me present you the spring,
The drug for your soul to sing.
Let me embrace you very tight.
The spring will say: you’re right.

I accept your present gladly,
I am tired of winter madly.
It was so blue and boring,
All the time I was warring.

I stretch my arms widely,
I meet this spring kindly.
The lilac-tree will grow
The springs power to show.

Larisa Rzhepishevska
The 2nd of Ma...

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What Love Is.

Love is a fire,
Causes desire,
Willing to care,
Wishes to share,
Needs a touch,
Kiss you so much.
Love can open any gates,
It can conquer any states.

Love is always young,
Beautiful songs are still unsung.
Love is our choice,
It has its own voice.
Sometimes love hurts,
Sometimes joy reverts
Loves are the best things,
It happiness brings.
It’s impossible to forget,
True love you’...

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