Toxic lovers

He didn't care that I'm hopeless cause 
I guess he could say he felt mutual
Something drew us together
Something more than usual
We both lived reckless lives in a cold world 
Atleast we can both say we got the two of us
Not sure what love truly is
im not even loving my own life to sober up
He tells me that I help ease the pain
even though the drugs make us numb enough 
Wishing the high could last longer
Because when its gone Iask myself, whats the point of this foolish lust?
Are drug induced minds and our selfish lies
 Are as deep as the hole we dug
Too deep in this so called "game" to care about our own self love
I'd rather be with him then to be alone and lost
  Both addicted enablers strung out and rock bottom
Going through that down and out
I guess, better were together then a lonely route 
And, like they always say
misery does loves company
Atleast for now until the drugs run out.


Addictsdisfuctionenablersrelationshipstoxic relationships

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