"Take me with you wherever you go," I cried.

She looked at me with star-studded eyes.


"There is no need for that," she replied.

"You have a life of your own to live,

and although you think you love me

I can only hinder you.


The life she held back would never be mine,

nor her shy and gracious face.


The moon with its dark side explained it all

with its fingers of desire

falling just then on my side

of the unfamiliar bed.




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Sat 15th Dec 2018 20:12

Thanks for your take on this Po. Not sure if that meant under the covers or not - if so then yes, it has been known. Cheers!


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Fri 14th Dec 2018 07:08

Are you working undercover?

Very deep

Love this last line

"falling just then on my side

of the unfamiliar bed."

Provoking Mmmm


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Thu 13th Dec 2018 22:20

Thanks for ticking my box, Anya and David (welcome).

Beno, that's a lot of thoughts - I think the simpler an image or episode is the more variation it can inspire in the mind as you demonstrate. Rather than go through every aspect of your comment it would be better to express my intentions. A lot easier for me to be honest. I wanted the woman to be a mystery, so left it loose . She is a conundrum, as women can be to us men. It's only by being tamed that we stop being our true selves I believe.

The writer is a person needy for support and guidance and not too experienced in the world; in my own case memory giving too much power away and being trapped by inferiority in a way. She is desirable like a prize. There is a compromise from her, but it is not enough - she could be a prostitute or just easy with her favours. The idea of a wanton is an all enveloping irresistible power.
Her face is a soft one and appealing. The moon representing the feminine aspect is the explanation in itself revealing its light but still hiding a revelation. (All clever stuff I say mockingly!)

That's about as close as I can get. Hope that fixes it for you! I appreciate all the trouble thanks....

Brian , you have the framework and I appreciate your thinking. If you read my comment to Beno, you'll probably have given up by now. Thanks a lot.

David, I can't elaborate on what you've written, but you have fixed all the points I had in mind. Infatuation is right of course. The guy thought he was in love, but lost in it . I must try it again sometime. Everything in life has a reverse truth if we are wise enough to meet with it.

Ray x.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 13th Dec 2018 12:48

I read this as a girl totally in control, who knows what she is doing and has added another notch to her bedpost. I'm probably way off beam Ray, as always. It got me thinking though...something I try to avoid usually!

<Deleted User> (18474)

Wed 12th Dec 2018 07:37


Dark wanton. Hmm? So hard to tell what you mean here. Was she a girl with dark hair who was cruel to him? Or did he feel he was the victim of evil maliciousness? Or is it describing his own unhealthy, and reckless, desire, and obsession with this woman?

I like for my reading of this poem to think; he thinks she played with his heart for her own pleasure, and amusement, then abandons him. Is he so sure? He’s so stupid. Maybe she loved him deeply, but could see no good could come of it. It’s the most difficult thing in the world to do, not to be with someone you love. Unless she is completely heartless, which she’s not, I’m sure. I expect she will always find it one of the hardest decisions she would ever make.

She still slept with him though. That was cruel and wanton.

I get the feeling from the poem she is much more in control of her feelings, and emotions than the male character. She is much older than him, and he is a young man. This adds new complexity to the whole story. I found myself judging the characters differently than I probably would otherwise, because of this.

She looked at me with star studded eyes........ Wow what a line. I wondered if he was of note somehow, in the limelight (a footballer or a member of a band), and these were here motivations for her passions. It wasn’t until I got to the end of the poem and I realised the moon’s light was on the bed, and she must have had the stars reflected in her eyes for real. I don’t think I’ve read anything more romantic than that.

Love how you’ve thrown in the moon. The most powerful force in nature to represent the love he felt for this girl. And how the moon has always been associated with womanhood. Just two great analogies (is this the right word?). All the pagan mystery it conjures up just provides another level of charm to the poem.

He must have look into her “shy and gracious face” (just like the moon waxing in the night), to see her in full brilliance, but wondering what was on the other side of her, a life he would never have. Uber sad.

Genius Ray, complete genius.


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