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keith jeffries on Post Diary Blues
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Stephen Gospage on Doctors
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What is it?

Who defines strength?

Is it someone who  still stands after their -

heart has been broken mulitple times?

Is it someone who refuses to give up their -

virginity even though their peers tell them to?

What about a man who can lift three hundred -

and fifty pounds?

Or maybe a single parent striving to take care -

of their child/children?


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I'm Done

Why am I constantly the toy

of a man child's eye?

Then supposed men tell me,

I need someone like them?!

Something doesn't make sense...

Maybe it's me...

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My heart aches

My chest is heavy

I can't sleep from visions of -

what could have been and what were -

play through my mind.

My eyes are dry from crying endlessly

My breathe is shuttered from the words -

I wish I could have said to you.

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Gasping for air

Reaching for hands that are out of reach.

Tumbling in the tides of the island of undesirables.

I try to swim away from my fate.

Though, the hands of time are cruel to dreamers, and -

I'm dragged back into the surf.

Is anyone out there?

Anyone to hear my plea?

My will was strong, but like a rock, who's been beaten -

by the surf, I'm slowly crumbling.


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