?At Christmas Timewith Bells on!!?

Eeh it’s gettin’ darker and so much colder

leavin’ t’ pub I glance over me shoulder

In case I clock a face that maybe

after me presents for Crimbo you see...

at Christmas time with bells on


Now a fella int’ snug, he sold me a rug

Not the ones for yer ‘ed but for near

yer bed, to keep ya warm if you’ve

‘ad a snow storm...

at Christmas time with bells on


It’s the time of year when we all shed

a tear, ‘cos we’ve ‘ad too much beer

and wine and gin, we’re determined

not to let t’ neighbours in...

at Christmas time with bells on


They’ll eat us out of ouse an’ ‘ome

and do nothin else but winge and moan

about things they can’t afford to buy

if you didn’t laugh you’d flamin’ cry... 

at Christmas time with bells on


So bells and balls and baubles to you

Tinsel, wrapping paper and glue

A fairy or snowman for t’ top of t’ tree

And a pressie or two for you and me..

At Christmas time with bells on, cheers! hic!

The Urban Poet















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