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See sun

A bright day 
he said 
I wish it's a long time until 
the sun goes down
The sun never goes down 
in my realm 
the ruler proudly proclaimed 
and looked out 
of the window in the tower 
beyond the horizon 
farther that the eye could see

You can see 
in a different view 
the jester said teasingly 
The sun always goes 

Out there he hurried 
to add

Copyright © 1992  by nal...

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Let's try once more

Let's try 
once more 
he said
He turned around 
and ran 
right into the wall

We're lacking velocity 
he said 
as he dried blood from his nose 
The wall will soon give in 
he said

Let's try 
once more

Copyright © 1992 by nale

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