I live upon Marley’s yard

His stride, his walk

His chains and fetters

gladly received by me

From time spent past

Oh. That I may seek

That I may again gaze upon

The sun of woven fields

Where I once sat

Between sheaves of wheat

And ears of corn

To not be shorn by the guilt of guilty parties

Thrown and tidied together in grieving harm

To judge and scorn

The sores and scars

Of every cut and scratch

From every word and deed

That I have sown

That would throw themselves across my path

To trap and snare

Every last living breath I have breathed

In sharp relief against all that I have now come to believe

Which could now be captured and redirected

Into smiling countenance

Over all I encounter

So that I would not continue in Marley’s footsteps

So that I can at last throw off

The clinkered chink of ball and chain

That no longer I should be under this hard-pressed sun and moon

To walk upright

To fill my lungs no longer with the choking smoke

Of Christmas past

But to live this very day

In the moment of pleasant unfettered revelry

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Martin Elder

Sun 23rd Dec 2018 00:59

Thanks to Anya and Jane for liking

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Martin Elder

Sun 23rd Dec 2018 00:54

Thanks Hannah, Glad you liked it

Aa merry Christmas to you also

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Hannah Collins

Sat 22nd Dec 2018 18:48

Great writing.
I love the story and this poem too.


Merry Christmas.

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Martin Elder

Sat 22nd Dec 2018 17:07

You raise a good point Ray. I guess I was attempting to see scrooge reflecting as at the end of a Christmas Carol That he can changes his ways and not take on the ghost of Jacob Marley. I always like to see a chink of hope in any possible scenario. Of course some may call me just plain naïve. But anyway I hope that may throw some light upon this piece.

A very Happy Christmas to you my friend and thanks for all your support over the year

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Fri 21st Dec 2018 17:05

Having a bit of trouble penetrating the truth behind this Martin. I respect your work so much I have come at it from different angles, but I do suspect a feel of anguish and escapism in it; Marley was Scrooge's boss, so I am adrift on the connection!

Love to get back to it with a few hints from your good self.


Happy Xmas. (present)

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