A year ago I was reminded, 

A feeling so rare, left me blind sided. 

With your arms around me, the world ceased to be. 

No longer tethered, now free. 

Bound so tightly in the safety your skin secreted-

Fears and worries defeated. 

The shine in your eye told me not that everything was now miraculously fine, 

But that you were genuine.

Being held by you was the only drug I wanted,

The only addiction that hasn’t left me haunted. 

As I breathed in your air,

The effect you had left me unaware.

Now you haven’t left my mind, 

Endlessly searching for a piece of your time.

That memory so vivid and so real, 

You single handedly made me feel.

Thank you for holding me that day, 

In your arms again, I hope I’ll lay.


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