They say he muttered "stupid woman" from the Opposition Front Bench

(A toffee-nosed tory of other days might have uttered "silly wench").

Cue for shock, dismay and awe - and hapless Jeremy got what for,

Not so much for what he said - but how he stood up and misled

Those who swooned in their cocoon of panting pious outrage

As JC played his leading role from a totally different page

Persisting in resisting and Insisting  - according to his adopted new script -

That nothing of the dreaded misogynist kind had ever really slipped

From a tight-lipped mouth so readily adept at offering cosy platitudes

And doubtless inwardly condemning the risibly righteous attitudes

In a place that has known insults and barbs full of withering wit

And took them all in its stride before - sadly - the humour quit.

Churchill and Lady Astor - and Bessie Braddock too

Gave as good as they often got - and knew a thing or two

About the rough and tumble of giving and taking offence;

Untruths are ingrained in politics but what happened to common sense?



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Brian Blanchard

Mon 24th Dec 2018 14:37

Clever wording...excellent.

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Thu 20th Dec 2018 20:55

LoL how true Brian

an eye for an eye we all end up with a very dark future.

Bring on the light bringers!
(That's you n me mate and the good and great here at WOL)

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Brian Maryon

Thu 20th Dec 2018 20:13

Jezza is nomally very truthful..as he was about the train seats that time.....

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 20th Dec 2018 19:23

Thanks Po: for taking the troubled to comment.
I still relish the exchanges between Churchill and his political
opponents - of either sex. And in the USA, a certain female wit...
upon hearing that President Calvin Coolidge - a character hardly
known for exuberance - had died, tartly responded "How can they tell?" That's more like it!!
The current MSN online news page has an item from a female
columnist from The Independent banging on about HOW Corby's
quote matters and invokes the spectre of 2000 years of "patriarchal oppression". Ah, so that is what it was? My mother and sisters
never saw themselves as victims - and woe betide anyone of either
sex who said as much to their faces.

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Thu 20th Dec 2018 16:12

M.C. I wish I had to ability to do what you just did here.

My input would be less …… errr. I don't know what word to put here.
Anywayhows it is follows

Stop the bloody side show distraction and do the f'n job I am f'n paying you lot to do.

Biggest f'n event in over a century and they squabble like a load of bloody school kids.
FOCUS FOCUS nope... it's F' US

rant over

Great piece of poetry old feller


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