Playing with Fire ?

Playing with Fire Dangers of playing with Fire. Sounds obvious to me , I mean it’s fire who doesn’t know that ? But not every time will a person be afraid to get burned . The thought of how it will feel or what to expect . The curiosity or the what if . But then again it wouldn’t happen to me I’m smarter than the average caveman I got this . Sometimes we know we could potentially get burned and still allow there to be a chance to get hurt . Playing with Fire when you know this isn’t good for me it’s going to end in disaster telling myself I know better then to do that ! That guilty conscious telling you something bad will happen or the feeling when your about to get in trouble but feeling alive . But having that thought of the thrill or the thought it can be controlled I know myself I know what I will allow I know my limits . Playing with Fire knowing it can get out of hand but curious as to how bad it can get or when enough is enough . Knowing you can have this dangerous situation that could get really ugly but believing you have the power to control it. It all starts with a spark that ignites with a flame . Showing a view you haven’t seen before . Making you see whole new world that you seems so beautiful up close makes you stay in a trans that mesmerizes you keeps your entire attention . That suddenly it gets bigger and you realize it’s not under control its up in flames . Then panic comes in hard to accept you started the flame the responsibility lies with you ! You done this to yourself , I told you playing in your head . Thinking how can I hold this together defuse the situation. Realizing it’s too late way past being controlled or dominated . You lost . You began to loose your mind , your foundation, what makes you strong or did . You struggle to catch your breath panic sets in . What have I done ,I lost who I was ,what I worked for!! The thought in the beginning this would never happen crosses your mind and you realize the true dangers of playing with Fire the self destruction loosing everything to ashes to start back to the basics . Back to square one or entry level . And you hate yourself for being attracted to the spark like a bug to a lamp or a deep to a headlight . Hate that you didn’t see that the different view was a trap simply a distraction to keep you from seeing the dangers. Because now i have to watch what Ive built all gone ,what made me who I was at is gone burned to a crisp . And I have to decide where do I begin how do I come back from this loss. Trying to save yourself and grasp what’s going on . Understanding that when it’s good it’s great but when it’s bad it will drag you down ! Because now you have nothing but what you learned , what not to do ! And accepting that you can no longer go back there is nothing left ! And you learn with starting over comes beauty . Accepting that you have to trust yourself and learn from your mistakes not get distracted by a new spark or different view that doesn’t have a happy ending . Even when you have so much faith in yourself that you can manage it no matter what comes your way . And never have the mind frame thinking it can’t happen to you that you can’t loose it all ,because if you play with Fire you will get burned !

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 18th Dec 2018 13:18

Fire and life...those often uncontrolled (and uncontrollable) sources
of comfort and consternation. They can provide or they can take
away - and need careful handling at all times. There's no room
for messing-up or you WILL get burned.
In purely inventive terms, fire and the wheel are top candidates for
human ingenuity, and Man's best friend, the dog, soon came in
from the cold to add so much more of value to his existence.

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