Late Arrival

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Late Arrival


A birthday card was sent

From UK on May 3

Arrived in Aus on 22

November (oh gosh gee)


The address and the postcode

Yes, were all spot on

So where had it been sitting

All this time while gone?


Don Matthews December 2018

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Don Matthews

Sun 16th Dec 2018 10:59

Australia Post or Royal Mail
Did cause this long delay
Brian categorically states
Royal Mail? No way

Could card have sat in letterbox
Alone, forlorn, forgotten?
Postie didn't notice
It stuck fast on the bottom?

In final desperation
Poor card shrieked out "I'm here!"
Your postie wondered what struck him
He stumbled back (in fear)

Never in his rounds
Had letters responded thus
The card was therefore rescued and
Airlifted quick to us

Brian, now the problem
Lay with your wet postbox
Which wasn't nice on our card
Delivered it some knocks ?

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Brian Maryon

Sun 16th Dec 2018 09:36

As an ex-employee of Royal Mail with 36 years service I can state categorically that the delay was at your end Don.

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