After Every Dawn, there is a sunrise

Life is uncertain and unpredictable

For everybody

Sometimes these uncertainties creates anxiety

And transforming our overall personality

Fear from future blinding our minds

Visions getting blurred and nothing positive comes to mind


When Bad times comes around

All doors seems to be closed

This time takes the test of patience

How wisely we deal it with the situation


Take deep breath, wait for the right time

After every dawn, there is a sun rise

We have to face hardships which are destined for us

As life unfolds, we have to confront with betrayal and loss


We should take all experiences as lessons of life

Deal with it with full of patience and make it worthwhile

It is easy to say and very hard to practise it in reality

As these bad times seems to be very long

And takes away overall energy of body, meaningful thoughts and optimistic approach

Towards life..


Bindu Trigunayak

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Bindu Trigunayak

Thu 13th Dec 2018 10:45

Thanks for the appreciation Maám..
feeling blessed?

<Deleted User> (16837)

Thu 13th Dec 2018 10:43

so true!! precisely this is what a wise person should do....and you are a wise girl....beautifully expressed?

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