The Art Of . . .


She tastes love lips

But he was no angel 

In a world filled with mayhem

She seeks he who is stable 


Foundations that maintain

Love that withstands

Friendship is of the essence

Loyalty that is infinite


Wondering souls unite

Ties begin to merge

Bonds bound to the will of spirits

True intimacy is experience


He tastes loves lips

But she wasn’t...

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Excerpts from the mindtwin flamelesson in life




The soul seeks passion and truth

The body wants to remain aloof

Our minds are the constant challenge 

Insert life into the equation 

It sometimes leaves you unbalanced 

Heightened states

Intense Emotions 

Hearts that lack devotion

Why do we fear the truth?

Our comfort zones keep us subdued 

Knowledge, wisdom and power

Lost souls stuck in the tower 


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Violent Energies standing at bay,

Lurking in the shadows,

Stalking their prey

Yearning for the glitch in my stride

Begging for my speech to flutter


It’s either me or the others ?


The sunken place is one we all know

Stuck in the pits of sorrow,

Burrowing ourselves in the depths of our minds,

The world around us becomes blind

The ...

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To My Protectors



Soft whispers that guide me

Reminders that the game is not over 

Reflection will not be neglected 

Innate abilities rising to the surface

Ancestral Inner G has a purpose 

Their blood is my blood 

As Above, So Below

Ancient wisdom runs through my veins 

Always observing 

My ancestors leave nothing unnoticed 

Gentle spirits that guide me

Giving dire...

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A heart that’s pure,

Love that is gentle,

What great magnitude and depth you possess,

It’s an honor to know you, 


Seeing you grow ?

Viewing life through your eyes ?

HUMBLE as they come

The caterpillar has transformed ?

Why are you afraid to face yourself?


Your form is ELEGANT

Your wings are UPLIFTING 

Your design is UNIQUE 

Creation is ELECTR...

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A valuable gift,

An emotional curse,

Seeing past the illusion,

Stuck with the truth


Ugly at times,

But you know it’s for the better,

In a world of pretenders,

There’s only a few authentic left 


A loving heart,

Unable to be free,

God forbid you love a fraud,

Imagine you’re 6 feet deep 


The mind and the heart are at odds,

HOW can they reconcile?


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Mirrorreflectionjudgmenttrusting your choices

Passion Ablaze

A voice so soothing and warm,

As strong as his core,

Purity, Vibrance, and Love

He is my peace.


I am his muse,

Together we make art.

Honesty and Truth arise from the depths,

He has softened my heart.


Destined to cross paths,

Maybe with a touch of fate.

Ancestors talking,

Awaiting the dey we embrace.


Together we elevate,

Kundalini Rising,


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Virus in the Motherboard

My mind is something like an analytical computer,

Processing, Calculating, Probability.

Always observant,

Sometimes giving me unrest.


Is it really as simple as it seems?

Or is my mind prone to hard truths?

This is my newest edition to self-discovery,

I think my mind needs to have surgery.


Dissecting the unforgiving folds,

Maybe even remove the hard drive,


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She was forced to be strong,

Her gentle nature hidden within the folds of her heart.

Love has been fleeting,

Each time tearing her apart.


Vulnerability is weakness in her mind,

Afraid she’ll be left behind...

A lioness taking on the role of the lion





Very keen,observant, and precise,

This time— indecisiveness won’t suffice


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Just when you think you’ve fallen too deep,

Lost in the pits of your mind,

There’s someone reaching out to you,

Saying leave your past behind.

Starting anew is harder than it seems,

Energies,thoughts and doubts linger in between.


My thoughts are drowning me in this sea of illusion,

Leaving me in a state of confusion.

For my mind is a challenge,

And self doubt is the...

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New Beginnings



It is time for Renewal and Rebirth!

The shedding of habits, worry, and fear

Letting go will put my mind at ease.

I no longer want to feed stress and self doubt,

In the corners of my mind they disappear.


I wash away the negativity,

I wash away the pain,

I wash away the regret,

My goal is no longer to please.

My heart will no longer hurt,

I will put mysel...

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Self love


Awake in a world that is asleep,

Always in a constant fluctuation of chaos,

My spirit seeks balance and peace.


Solitude has become my friend,

For the crowd that is riding the wave has unconsciously become my enemy,

Negativity is toxic.


My energy is prescious,

I must protect it,

Cherish it,

Everyone is not worthy.

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I feel like I'm walking on eggshells!


Afraid that if I say the wrong thing,

act the wrong way, respond in a way that is opposing to you..

That I'll ruin your imperfect rhythm



Why can't I be myself?

Am I too strong minded?

Am I demanding? 

Is it even me?

What is it that makes it so easy for you to turn the other cheek?




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She who seeks shall find,

Tasting the fruit of essence

She becomes alive!


O wild wombman, I see the passion

I see the stars in your eyes

The dreams, the hope -- hidden deep inside


It took a lot to bring you forth,

Shedding the layers, I so carefully placed around me

Breaking down the walls, exploring myself

Deeper and Deeper


Then I realized,

You are ...

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starting from the beginning,

            the renewal of cycle—

No memories, no knowledge, no learned behaviors

            O fresh blade of grass kissed by the sun

has not experienced the seasons—has

no idea of what is to come


O blind sheep they may be,

            Running from a domesticated canine—Petrified

fear is the illusion, only a state of mind


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Marianne MooreEmulation

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